Life Saver: Graduation Gift Guide For Her

Alright, now that we have the boys down, let’s move to the women. Choosing the right graduation gift for the girl in your life is just plain hard. You want it to be stylish. You want it to be functional. You want it to be something she wouldn’t buy herself. Luckily for you, we’re experts at gifting. We’ve rounded up the best options for every age and type of graduation in this life-saving gift guide. Keep scrolling and click through for pure gift bliss.


The girl: the numbers addict

The gift: Retro 51 Albert pencil


The girl: communication major starting her first job in marketing

The gift: Cross Calais ballpoint pen


The girl: the new architect

The gift: Parker Sonnet rollerball pen


The girl: graduate with a Masters in Social Work

The gift: Waterman Hemisphere fountain pen


The girl: theatre queen

The gift: Montblanc Boheme Paso Doble


The girl: moving to a new city- lots of exploring

The gift: Lodis phone wallet wristlet


The girl: first day at the new PR firm

The gift: Clark & Mayfield Bellevue laptop bag


The girl: newly graduated lawyer

The gift: Knomo Bayswater slim brief

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