The Wonderful World of Waterman


If you know fine pens, you know Waterman. Poetry, movement, and design define the Waterman brand, and those concepts are evident in each piece produced from the pen powerhouse. These fine writing instruments are skillfully made in France and creatively echo the genius of the brand’s founder, Lewis Edson Waterman. Waterman invented the world’s first […]

Engraved Pens

The Executive Essentials online catalog has many wonderful and inspiring pens. The variety of pens online makes for easy gift giving for any occasion. A beautiful Montblanc Meisterstuck for a graduation gift or a fun, colorful Acme pen for a birthday gift is the perfect way to show some avid pen aficionado that you care […]

Executive Pencils

At Executive Essentials, we don’t tend to talk about pencils that much. We tend to focus much of our energy on talking about pens. Now, we love a good pen as much as the next collector. We love the manufacturers, the styles, the components, the themes and the collections that arise from pen designers with […]

Showdown: Tools of the Boardroom

Despite the inroads that touchscreens and smartphones are making into the workplace, the pen will always have its place in the serious professional’s hand. In past articles, I’ve focused on workhorse pens like the Lamy Safari or the Pilot Prera for drafting, drawing, and heavy writing sessions. Today I’d like focus on another kind of […]

The Graduate Guide To Losing Pens

You don't want to lose this!

You can’t believe it. The black robe chafes as you walk up to the podium. The dean doesn’t smile. He shakes hands and gives you a placeholder diploma. A small wave to the attendees fanning themselves with program. You’ve done it. Graduation!

After the ceremony, you are handed […]

Waterman Clearance Pens

Waterman Hemisphere


All brands of pens have ranges within their own hierarchy. It’s part of the marketing game to make sure that you have products in your lines that speak to those pen lovers in all economic brackets. I’m glad they do. It’s a good challenge for pen designers to push the limits […]

A Penaholic’s Gift Guide To Luxury Pens

Tis the Season

This is part two in our three part series by Tracy McCusker.Tracy is an avid pen buff & unrepentant word-slinger. Fascinated with pens from a young age, she converted to fountain pens in 2000 after being introduced to the Parker Frontier and Parker Vector. Today her pen collection numbers in the […]

Waterford and Waterman on Sale Now!

I didn’t always understand the demand for nice pens. Throughout my entire school career I used whatever I bought at Walgreens or office depot, and they worked just fine. It wasn’t until I started seeing these other types of pens that it hit me. Pens can truly be beautiful accessories to any desk, and there […]