Cross Tech Pens

Cross is a known innovator in the pen arena. As a brand name, it is well respected and admired for creating pens that are both attractive and durable. With well over 2 dozen different lines and years of experience, Cross understands how to turn a bold idea into a fine writing instrument. That passion and […]

Engraved Pens

The Executive Essentials online catalog has many wonderful and inspiring pens. The variety of pens online makes for easy gift giving for any occasion. A beautiful Montblanc Meisterstuck for a graduation gift or a fun, colorful Acme pen for a birthday gift is the perfect way to show some avid pen aficionado that you care […]

AT Cross: The Past and the Future

Cross Apogee Rollerball

Long time company A.T. Cross, located in Lincoln, Rhode Island announced that it sold its pen division to Clarion Capital Partners for 60 million dollars. As one of the few American companies to design and manufacture pens, it came as a bit of a shock to those collectors who put Cross […]

Cross 2013 Year of the Snake

Chinese Zodiac

It’s a creature with a body of rough scales, long and rope-like. It has no legs to move and instead writhes in a rhythmic fashion to propel itself across the ground. It has no body heat, gathering instead, the heat from it’s natural environment to moderate and control its temperature . It’s […]

Fun for Fifty

Waterford Claria Ballpoint Pen

Some folks think that pen collecting is expensive. They believe that good pens cost good money and that nothing worth having is cheap. These are typically the same folks that are afraid to inquire about the cost of any of the Montblanc pens in the Executive Essentials Online Catalog. But, […]

Last Minute Father’s Day Gifts

Father’s Day, like Mother’s Day is more about the entire weekend and not really just about one day. It starts on Friday and rolls through until the Sunday night. It’s about the concept of family, summer and summertime experiences that last well beyond that one special day of the year. It’s a time to gather […]

Pens For Dog Lovers

The Westminster Dog Show was earlier this month and as with most years it was quite the show. Hundreds of different dogs all came together to compete for group title and best of show. It’s a pretty spectacular event, but one that is hard to translate to outsiders. Unlike a sporting event that has set […]

A Writing Instrument Resolution

The start of a new year brings with it a slew of heady contemplation. Tradition fills us with the need to look back over the last 364 days with a microscope. It’s a time when we are required to put great weight to our actions and pull from the dustbin of the year, nuggets of […]

Fountain Pen Basics: Skipping

When I bought my first fountain pen twelve years ago, I plunged into a completely new world of writing. Because I’d only used ballpoint pens before, I encountered problems without names. Fountain Pen Basics are posts for new fountain pen users who are learning the ropes. The series will introduce fountain pen terminology by […]

How To Select A Comfortable Pen

Cross Century- Good Grips

–Tracy McCusker is at it again. This time letting us in on what to look for in a comfortable pen!

Twelve years ago, I visited my doctor with blinding pain in my right wrist. It was so bad I couldn’t even flex my fingers without crippling my arm. The […]