What Makes a Limited Edition Pen so Special

There’s something about a fine writing instrument. It makes you feel important. It makes your words special. It adds a touch of elegance and class to your everyday routine. If you are not a pen collector, you understand the significance of a fine pen the first time you pick one up. If you are a collector, you already appreciate the value. Regardless of your familiarity with the world of fine pens, we can all see the beauty of limited edition pens. Brands like Lamy, Montblanc and Parker produce fantastically advanced, sophisticated and streamlined writing instruments, and when you add in the title of limited edition, the end result is truly a masterful work of art.

Limited edition pens act as thoughtful and unique gifts as their beauty is undeniable. You can complement someone’s personality or inspire them with a limited edition pen. We’re taking some time today to highlight a few of our favorites and bestsellers to make that purchase even simpler.

First on our list is the special edition 25th anniversary pen from Retro 51. The popular brand created a special acid-etched Tornado. The pen features “25” in a plated stonewashed pewter finish as the pattern as well as a barrel complemented with glossy rhodium accents. The pen contains a rollerball refill, and is packaged in a special tube with the number inscribed on the top ring. This pen is on track with the brand philosophy of life being “too short to carry an ugly pen.” They infuse character and playfulness into quality writing instruments thereby making them more accessible and approachable.

Next up, we have the Dialog 1 from Lamy. The powerhouse teamed up with world-renowned designer Richard Sapper to craft this futuristic pen. The ergonomic instrument combines durability with a modern sleekness. The ballpoint Dialog 1 is coated in matte titanium making its triangular body and rounded edges appear like something Tony Stark himself would pick up and sketch his next bodysuit with.


Parker Ingenuity LE

Parker Pens is synonymous with elegance, quality and talent. It is no surprise that the Ingenuity 5th Technology Year of the Dragon pen is streamlined, bold and beautiful. The Ingenuity collection is the next generation in fine pens. It combines a cutting edge refill tip and engraved metallic hood that provide a smooth and smart glide feeling. While not a fountain pen, it acts and looks like one.

Choosing the right fine pen is not an easy task. The good news is that you can’t go wrong with a limited edition piece– especially these pens.

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