Urban Speed Pens Mark Latest Innovation in Montblanc’s Starwalker Collection

The Starwalker pen Collection exhibits some of the most classic and iconic designs from Montblanc. To add to the prestigious family, Montblanc has released the Urban Speed Pen to continue on in that tradition. The elegantly sleek black resin captures the timelessness of the piece. The new creation balances the boldness we all know and love from Montblanc with a subtle sophistication. The hand-lacquered red stripe on the clip offsets the floating Montblanc emblem and brushed fittings. It is truly a sight to behold.

The dramatic look of the Urban Speed Starwalker brings to mind another walker: Skywalker. This December, The Star Wars Franchise debuts its next masterpiece: the first film in the third trilogy. Sure to be packed with action, excitement and the epic fight of good vs. evil, fans across the country will file in to view the work of J.J Abrams and George Lucas. They’ll stay up all night waiting for tickets with other super fans, and decide if their black Darth Vader helmets are shiny enough to wear or need another polish. Whether you’re there for the people watching or genuine cinematic adventure, it’s sure to be a great ride. If you’re looking for something equally as thrilling without the wait time, I suggest the Montblanc Urban Speed pens from the Starwalker collection. They pack the punch of the Death Star without all the drama.

Who, you might ask, is worthy of possessing such a luxurious writing mechanism? The good news is that it’s perfect for everyone. It works great as an addition for someone with an enviable pen collection of their own, or for one just starting out. It might be that confidence boost your college grad needs at his first job, or perhaps that unexpected Father’s Day gift he’ll forever cherish.

Whatever the case may be, the Urban Speed Starwalker is definitely a force I want on my side.

Available now at Executive Essentials.

The sleek Urban Speed Fountain Pen

The sleek Urban Speed Fountain Pen

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