The Wonderful World of Waterman

If you know fine pens, you know Waterman. Poetry, movement, and design define the Waterman brand, and those concepts are evident in each piece produced from the pen powerhouse. These fine writing instruments are skillfully made in France and creatively echo the genius of the brand’s founder, Lewis Edson Waterman. Waterman invented the world’s first reliable fountain pen in 1883. With unique personalities and traits, no two designs are alike. Designed to accessorize your imagination and make writing a pleasure, only the best craftsmanship is used to create these beautiful pieces. The collections include rollerball, ballpoint, and fountain pens, many of which can be customized with personalized engravings.


In its latest limited edition collection, Waterman has done it again. The Ombres Et Lumieres series is magnificent. In true Waterman fashion, this collection is a nod to the brand’s French heritage. Anyone who has been to Paris, or seen pictures, knows why it’s called the city of lights. Paris illuminates beauty and sophistication like none other. The elegant black and white motif of the pens reminds us of the nighttime Paris landscape. It’s eternally chic, breathtakingly beautiful, and one of a kind- just like the newest additions to the Waterman family.


In addition to the Ombres Et Lumieres, Waterman also offers the best quality pen refills. It’s hard to find exact matches for ink refills, and we are experts at that here. We offer everything from Waterman ballpoint pen refills to the harder to find Waterman fountain pen ink refill bottles. You have your choice of eight iconic Waterman colors to choose from to keep your writing interesting.


Maybe you’re new to the wonderful world of Waterman. A great place to start is with some of our best sellers. These include the ballpoint and rollerball pens from the Hemipshere and Expert collections. These fine writing instruments are classic statements of simple luxury. They exude classic luxury without drawing too much attention. They make great gifts for someone special or a treat for yourself.


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