Omas Pens and New Years Resolutions

If you’re looking for a new years resolution you can keep, consider promising to travel a certain amount. Too many people believe that a resolution has to be something they eliminate from their life in order to improve their health, like drinking alcohol, smoking or eating fatty foods. Others consider the introduction of some activity they don’t want to participate in, like dieting or exercising, as a legitimate New Year’s resolution. All of those are, but consider some activities that you want to do as well.

Traveling isn’t easy and given the choice, many people will skate through an entire year grasping at any reason not to do what is necessary to get out of town and into life. And, there are plenty of reasons not to grasp the opportunity. Often times people feel that work is to busy, it’s to expensive to buy tickets, book the hotel or decide where to go with their family. However, if you make a resolution to take a trip in 2014, then you will work harder to find a way to pack the car and get out of the house.

An easy way to get started is to consider the possibilities of where you might want to take your vacation. Too many people consider far off exotic places as a real vacation – something that might costs thousands of dollars. But, don’t start there. Often times there are great vacation spots within a few hundred miles of your home. Places that you and your family have never seen. Remember, a vacation is an opportunity to get our of your home and into a new situation, to relax and enjoy an experience. It doesn’t have to be half-way around the world, it just has to be somewhere else. And besides, there are people from half-way around the world probably coming to your area to vacation. It’s all relative.

So why so much talk about vacations on a pen blog? Because, every vacation starts out with a good map and today, we are talking about the Omas Piri Reis Collection, a beautifully, stunning masterpiece that pays tribute to one of the worlds first cartographers and his amazing map.

Piri Reis (Reis means captain in Turkish) was a cartographer born somewhere around 1468. He died in 1553. Very little is known of his life, but the maps he created are extraordinary works of art that show a high detail of the continents around the world, well before other cartographers where with any great success. He was also the author of one of the most famous pre-modern navigation books that outlined how to circumnavigate the globe. This book included on of his famous maps. Although today only 1/3 of his most famous maps survives, it stands as a monument to his intelligence and his thirst to understand the world’s land masses well before modern science even tried.Omas Limited Edition Pen

To commemorate this brilliant Turkish captain, Omas has created the Piri Reis Limited Edition Pen Collection. This collection celebrates the 500th anniversary of the famous maps creation – his collage of his own work including the works of other partial world maps. The Omas engravers masterfully chiseled the details of the Piri Reis world map onto the yellow gold plated, sterling silver barrel. Bands of oak wood – the most common material used in the construction of ships in Piri’s time, ring the barrel and the cap. With only 300 in existence, this pen is nearly as rare as the map itself.

To learn more about what Omas has to offer for pens, take a look at the Executive Essentials online catalog.


Cross Tech Pens

Cross is a known innovator in the pen arena. As a brand name, it is well respected and admired for creating pens that are both attractive and durable. With well over 2 dozen different lines and years of experience, Cross understands how to turn a bold idea into a fine writing instrument. That passion and drive to create is what led to the development of the Tech Line of pens from Cross. Each of these lines have their own distinct features and their own purpose in the world. Take a peek and see if any of them fit your style.

Cross Tech 1 Pens

After years of making pens that lay down a smooth line of ink across the page, Cross has decided to venture into the stylus arena and they came out with a winner. The Cross Tech1 stylus is made with the same care and craftsmanship that goes into every Cross product. Once you’ve experienced the smooth glide and enhanced touch of this stylus, you won’t want to be without it. Each stylus has polished chrome with satin black appointment, narrow 6mm precision stylus designed for use with smartphones, compatibility with most capacitive touchscreen devices, security tether for convenient device attachment and comes in a narrow gift box perfect for the holidays.

Cross Tech 2 Pens

Cross Tech 2 Multi-Function Pen

The Cross Tech2 stylus and ballpoint pen allows you to quickly switch from traditional writing to digital interface.

But, why just have a pen that can only act as a stylus? What about those times when you need to have a pen and a stylus? The Cross Tech2 stylus and ballpoint pen allows you to quickly switch from traditional writing to digital interface. Modern problems require modern solutions, making this dual function writing instrument a perfect tool for every business professional. Each pen has a high-gloss finish with satin black appointments that is compatible with most capacitive touchscreen devices. They have a swivel-action propel/repel feature and have specially formulated Cross ink which flows flawlessly for a superior writing experience. On top of all that they come with a lifetime mechanical warranty.

Cross Tech 3 Pens

The Cross Tech 3 is a triple threat. It is Cross’s only multi-function pen. By just a twist of the barrel the Tech 3 can switch from black ballpoint to red ballpoint to 0.5 mm lead pencil. This pen makes cycling through your writing options easy. And with an easy click of the cap you can advance the lead. For eraser excess all you have to do is unscrew the top. An included stylus tip allows you to use your smartphone and tablet. Cross has thought of everything when it came to this pen.

Cross Tech 3 Multi Pen

The Cross Tech 3 Multi Pen is the ultimate in multi-tasking.

Cross Tech 4 Pens

Cross raises the bar on multi-function pens with its Tech 4 Multi-Function Pen! The handsome, Townsend-style profile makes it a sophisticated step up from most other multi-pens. The four-function multi-writer’s smooth revolving mechanism makes switching from blue, red, and black ballpoints or 0.7mm pencil quick and easy. A color-coded inset on the front lets you know at a glance which point you have selected. An innovative auto-propelled pencil eraser automatically pops up out of the pen’s top when the pencil is activated. The Smooth Touch finish is comfortable in the hand, highly durable and slip resistant. The Tech 4 is truly multi-tasking at its finest!


Black Friday Deals

Black Friday is the sales event of the year. It is on the Friday following Thanksgiving and used by many retailers as the official start of the Christmas shopping season. In the beginning, stores would open a few hours early, enticing shoppers to come to their stores to get their Christmas shopping done. The sales that the stores would have were often amazing deals on all types of products, but there was often a limited number of the products to purchase. This would result in a massive throng of people camped outside of stores waiting for them to open in hopes of getting one of the really good deals. Because of the excitement and aggressiveness of the crowds, many accidents occur during the course of Black Friday, including trampling and fights.

The name Black Friday first started in use in Philadelphia to describe the huge mass of shoppers that would flock to the stores. The term began to have a wider use as the years went on. It also indicates the period of time where retailers go from being in the red to being in the black – or making a profit as many retailers often don’t make any profit in the first 11 months of business. In order to make Black Friday even more profitable, stores have started to open even earlier, with some stores even opening on the night of Thanksgiving. A practice that some groups think is in poor taste.

The fact is that Black Friday is now a part of our shopping culture and to some a Thanksgiving tradition. Getting out of the house at late or early hours and heading into the stores with your family and friends can be an adventure. Jockeying for position and setting up game plans to make the most of your time. Some die hard Black Friday participants even scope out the store ahead of time to see which direction and aisles will bring them to their goal quicker. It’s a fun time for those who enjoy the pressure.

Here at Executive Essentials you won’t find long lines and the hustle and jostle of big crowds. No one is going to step on your toes as you race for that Montblanc rollerball or that Visconti fountain pen. It’s just you, your keyboard and a boatload of great savings. So take a peek at some of these amazing deals we have going on at Executive Essentials right now!


Clearance Pens

Just because we have big sales on brand name fine pens from all over the world doesn’t mean they don’t still have big value. We need to make way for new lines and shiny new writing instruments and that means great savings for you. Click on over to the clearance pen section and let your fingers do the walking. So many great pens for that specials someone in your life.

Engraved Pens

Buying a new pen is a great idea for a gift. Buying a new pen and getting it engraved is an even better idea. Executive Essentials has a large array of pens that are available for engraving. For just a little bit of a price bump you can make your gift that much more special by having a message engraved in it or having the persons name etched into the side.

Black Friday Deals

Looking for something other than a new pen for that executive in your life. Well, check out our Black Friday Deals page to see if you can find the perfect gift for everyone on your list!

Leonardo Da Vinci Limited Edition Pen

Montblanc Leonardo Da Vinci Fountain Pen

Montblanc Leonardo Da Vinci Fountain Pen

A polymath, or Renaissance Man, is an individual with an unquenchable thirst for knowledge. They believe that humans are uniquely empowered and limitless in their ability to create and recreate the world around them. They are people who delve into the unknown to see what they can find. They pry apart the various sciences, discover new tools and use them in other areas of science to uncover hidden truths about all topics related to math, science, art and music. They draw upon these bodies of work and forge new realities through wisdom, study and reflection. On of the greatest polymaths ever to live was Leonardo Da Vinci.

Da Vinci was an Italian polymath who dove into the subjects of painting, sculpting, architecture, music, math, engineering, invention, biology, geology, cartography, botany and writing. His curiosity was limitless as was his genius. He is considered to be one of the best painters of any era and his diverse talents have many agreeing that he was one the most diversely talented people to have ever lived. As an individual, he set out into the world to discover truths about those things that others took for granted. Searching for answers and never satisfied with not knowing, he was driven throughout his life and extremely productive.

As a painter, he created the Mona Lisa –one of the most famous paintings that people all around the world copy and try to recreate. He also created The Last Supper that depicted the final meal with Jesus and his 12 disciples. His other works all command great respect, but unfortunately, not many of his paintings survived throughout the years. Many of his drawing books were saved, but only about 15 of his larger works still exist in various museums and galleries around the world.

Beyond painting, Leonardo was a great thinker, tinkerer, and well ahead of his time in both his ideas and his execution of his plans. He made great paths towards describing anatomy, the makeup of how cities should be laid out, how optics work. He even had proposed theories on hydrodynamics. In addition, he imagined and worked out ideas for airplanes, tanks, solar power and even a machine to do addition and subtraction. The amazing thing is that because of the time he lived, very few of his ideas were even possible to construct or test. And, because he never published any of his works, very little of it influenced science and technology development.

In order to commemorate this great thinker and Renaissance Man, Montblanc has designed a line of Leonardo Da Vinci Limited Edition pens. This limited edition fountain pen from the Montblanc Great Characters collection consists of 3000 fountain pens each with a Rhodium plated 750 solid gold nib that is engraved with a bat, which Leonardo studied to construct his flying machine. The overall barrel of the pen is inspired by his work in flight. Made of anodized aluminum with Platinum plated fittings the forepart shows the wing Leonardo sketched for his miraculous flying machine. And, besides all that – it is a vision to behold and feels great in the hand.

To learn more about this amazing writing instrument and to see other fine pens come on over the Executive Essentials online catalog. Happy Thanksgiving.

Cassini, Curiosity, Sheaffer

Many people agree that space is the final frontier (although some argue the ocean is a more valuable location to explore). By searching through the cosmos, we can embark on mission of self-exploration, searching not only for other forms of life and distant worlds that might support us, but also for answers to our own humanity. With so many questions and so many possibilities, it is no surprise that the United States alone spends an annual $16.9 billion on space programs. However, with budget cuts brought about by sequestration and a lack of interest in exploring our galaxy, scientists at NASA have to make decisions on what programs can continue into the future. Two of the big missions that are up for consideration are the Cassini Mission to Saturn and the Curiosity Mission to Mars.

Up first on the chopping block is Cassini, a probe that has been circling Saturn since 2004. Still sending back incredible

images of the rings around Saturn, Cassini isn’t up on the chopping block because of it’s failures, but because of

Sheaffer Taranis Fountain Pen Inspired by the Celtic God of Thunder

Sheaffer Taranis Fountain Pen Inspired by the Celtic God of Thunder

it’s $60 million per year price tag. In fact, scientists believe that Cassini has at least 4 more good years of research left if the program was funded and maintained. Those 4 more years could yield unprecedented information about Saturn’s many moons as well as new information about the rings of dust that surround it.

The Curiosity rover trekking around on Mars has had a great deal of success as well. Launched in 2012,

the probe landed in Gale Crater with the mission  to explore the habitability of Mars as well as its climate and geology. Decked out with all types of instruments, the rover is capable of taking a multitude of readings including video and still pictures. With a nuclear battery, the rover has a long life ahead of itself and can even be switched off to preserve batteries with the possibility of being fired up in the years to come.

Regardless of the choices that NASA makes, it is clear that human fascination with rockets and space will not end with the death of one or both of these missions.  Our capacity to create sleek, metal vehicles that jet up through the atmosphere and into the heavens is replicated not just in space programs, but in the everyday objects around us. Case in point, the Sheaffer Taranis Pen Collection.

This collection, put together by the same company that invented the lever-filling fountain pen, is named after the Celtic God of Thunder and designed by renowned artist Charles Debbas. It is a collection of pens that have a sleekness and power to them, while maintaining a great feel to the hand. The ever-tapering barrel interacts with the cap to produce an instrument that will outlast its mission and keep returning benefits long after its time. The tip has a unique gripping section that alternates between warm resin and durable metal. A pleasure to see and to use.

Take a look at all the pens in this fantastic collection and let us know what you think. To see more fine pens, just browse the Executive Essentials online catalog.

Luxury Pens

Living a life of luxury, often includes surrounding yourself with items that a majority of the worlds population would consider superfluous and extravagant. It’s equated with the mega-wealthy, the ultra-rich and in general, the well-to-do. For many, luxury is almost a 4-letter word. A symbol of something unnecessary and at times detrimental to the goals of society. Because, for every life of luxury that is being led, there are surely countless others who struggle to make ends meet. But, luxury isn’t always about excess, sometimes it’s merely a notion of an items quality, it’s beauty, its craftsmanship, not it’s price. Such is the case of the many Luxury Pens in the Executive Essentials online catalog.


The pens considered luxury at Executive Essentials aren’t always the most expensive. They are the pens that go beyond regular craftsmanship. They are the pens that use the best materials. They are pens that designers spent countless hours putting together, conceptualizing and re-working. In the world of pens, luxury doesn’t have to me a 4 figure price tag, but rather an intent to create a writing instrument that performs and looks unlike any other on the market. These luxury items come from many different brands including Montblanc, Versace, Krone, David Oscarson and many more. Below are just a few of the fine offers we have online.



Montblanc Limited Edition Honore De Balzac Ballpoint Pen

Montblanc Limited Edition Honore De Balzac Ballpoint Pen

Created to honor the french artist Honore de Balzac this magnificent writing instrument has a layering of subdued colors and lines that bring sophistication and elegance to the paper. A bold barrel of grey with black strips lead to a cap trimmed in silver, with a flair of gold. A great example of understated excellence from the Montblanc brand.



Visconti Homo Sapiens 25th Anniversary Pens

Visconti Homo Sapiens 25th Anniversary Pens

This offering from Visconti is a sleek-barreled it of brilliance. The pen has a consistent line from tip to head, with only a little bulge in the middle where it is banded in stainless marine steel trim. The clip blasts out of the top of the cap in a gentle arc adding an element that breaks up the smooth lines and of course keeps the pen from rolling off the table. Made from Lava gathered from the Mt. Etna volcano in Sicily, Italy, this pen is extraordinary not for it’s price, but its makeup and utility.



Mercedes-Benz Performance Ballpoint Pen

Mercedes-Benz Performance Ballpoint Pen

Everyone might be wondering why Mercedes-Benz is making pens when their specialty is cars. Because they make great, luxury cars and are giving it a go at making great luxury pens. And they are off to a good start with this champagne colored example. Built from aluminum the body is straight and sleek, giving it a sense of going 100 miles per hour even as it sites in your hand. The accents on the belly and cap are downplayed by the mono-chromatic scheme. Luxury and style without all the hoopla!



S.T. Dupont Elysee Fountain Pen Palladium Lines

S.T. Dupont Elysee Fountain Pen Palladium Lines

This masculine and traditional line of pens from Dupont falls easily into the luxury stylings of other brands. However, instead of strong lines and an unwavering body and cap, the Elysee has a different proportion throughout. From a slim tip to a bulging cap, this pen brings to mind the image of a dart or a missile. Something that has a target and rarely misses. Completely ensconced in precious metals with a stainless steel looking exterior, this is a pen that screams luxury. Check it out today.

Take a look at these fine pens and other luxury offerings from Executive Essentials.

Pen Inspired Costumes

montegrappa elvis

Montegrappa Elvis

Halloween is a fun, low-stress holiday for most folks, but choosing a costume doesn’t always happen without a little contemplation, deep thought and changing of the mind. Settling in on whether to be a hamburger, a cat or a fireman is something that all Halloween participants get lost in as the day draws nearer. Experience has shown that going with your first choice is always the best bet, lest you find yourself on Halloween staring out the window as the sun goes down, without a costume and frantic. Don’t let that be you! Let Executive Essentials give you some Halloween costume ideas, inspired from the pens that we keep on hand year round.


The King of Rock and Roll never gets old when it comes to Halloween.  Mark our words, in 500 years people will still be dressing up as Elvis, striking poses and making bad puns in that famous Elvis voice. His persona is etched into the minds of people all over the world and although he may have left the building, he has not left our social lexicon. Elvis makes such a great costume idea, because he has a variety of eras to choose from. You can be the young, fresh Elvis that made women faint, or the older, Vegas Elvis that made women rethink that sequined blouse in their closet back home. Either are great. This costume was inspired by the Montegrappa limited edition line, which you can find at


Krone General George Armstrong Custer Pen

General George Armstrong Custer

When you’re looking for a Halloween costume, you want something that speaks volumes with just a bit of accessories. You want something that everyone will notice without having to purchase an entire store-load of props. Case in point, a pair of suspenders with pants you can pull up to your chest and a pair of black rimmed glasses and VIOLA!, you’re Erkel.  Another very easy character to play for Halloween is General George Armstrong Custer. Again, with this character you have some choices. Go serious and deck your self out with a military hat, a suit and a curved sword (perhaps a beard as well) and you are ready to go. But, if you want to go a little later in his career, you could get a few of those fake arrows through the head and pretend you’re him after his last stand. This costume was inspired by Krone’s Limited Edition General George Armstrong Custer rollerball pen.

Andre The Giant


Think Andre The Giant Pen

We just wrote about Andre the Giant a few weeks ago, but we wanted to bring this character back up, because he is so fun. For this costume, you really only need two things, a wrestling singlet, and some fake chest hair – an overabundance of fake chest hair. But, I’d also suggest you take it to the next level and create a pair of false legs to give you a foot or so more height. Andre was tall, at well over 7 feet. Some skin colored nylons and some wooden blocks should do the trick nicely. Plus, if you go to a Halloween party, you’ll never loose your friends. This idea was inspired by the Think Andre The Giant pen.

 The Alphabet

Here’s how it happens. You wait too long to put something together and at the last second you’re panicked with no costume for the party. Your friends are coming over in 30 minutes and you’re going to be really embarrassed dressed as a 9-5 office worker. Here’s what you do. Cut out a few letters of the alphabet, put on some black clothing and pin the letters to yourself. You don’t need the whole alphabet, you just need enough of them so that everyone gets the picture. Genius, quick, fun and inspired by the Acme Alphabet Rollerball Pen.

Need some more ideas? Check out the variety of fine pens (and costume ideas) at Executive Essentials.

Use Reviews to Help you Choose

Turn on the television and tune into an old school channel and you’ll find something called a commercial. An intermission from the main program you’ve tuned into watch that is typically 30-60 seconds long. It’s about a product, something you may have never heard about, but obviously need. Or it’s a about a product that you have, use and love. The hope is that after the commercial you’ll love it even more. Regardless of the type of commercial the fact is that without them, T.V. would not exist.

Commercials first came into play in 1941 when the watchmaker Bulova paid a whopping $9 for a short spot on WNBT in New York. They produced a commercial that simply showed one of their clocks imposed over a map of the United States, with a voice-over that stated, “America runs on Bulova time.” Television stations quickly realized that this was a good way to raise revenue and so commercials became more and more prevalent. Today, a majority of the revenue earned by television companies comes from commercial ads and without that revenue we wouldn’t be able to see some of our favorite shows.

One thing that has changed over the years are the contents of commercials. In the early days with very few regulations and little oversight, commercials were able to say just about anything about their product. Wild claims and statements that stretched the truth were normal. But, quickly, rules and regulations were created to ensure that any claims made about a product were factual. Still, advertisers find ways to bend words and present products in a light that shines most favorable on what they are trying to sell. However, the world quickly became a marketplace of buyer beware.

At Executive Essentials we like to talk about the fine pens we have in our online catalog. We are proud of the brands we carry and stand by their quality and craftsmanship. Our commitment to delivering accurate descriptions of our products is evidenced by the pen reviews that we invite from actual pen users and customers.

On the products review page you can find reviews on hundred of products ranging from Fountain Pens, Rollerball Pens, Ballpoint Pens, Limited Edition Pens and so much more. These aren’t well formed paragraphs filled with description for the brands top writers. These are honest reviews from actual customers and pen owners. Here you can find out why they like of don’t like a certain pen. Why they choose to stay with a certain brand and why they stay away from others. Because pen ownership is all about preference, this is the perfect way for you to find out about how a pen holds up against the march of time and how it writes and flows.

Not everyone likes the same types of pens and as a new collector it is hard to determine what you want to hold in your hand. Use the pen reviews at Executive Essentials to bring you closer to you perfect pen. You’ll be happy to have spent the time doing so.

Affordable Pens

The federal government is at the end of its second week of being shutdown, with over 800,000 federal employees out of work. These folks include a portion of those who work in the District of Columbia, those who work at the Smithsonian museums, Pentagon workers, NASA employees, anyone who has a job at the many state parks around the nation, those who help facilitate the food stamp program, the good folks at the Justice Department, non-essential employees of The White House, workers at the State Department, those at the IRS and many, many more. Although these agencies still have some employees carrying on the daily duties, it’s clear that with 800,000 workers not at their desks, much is being missed.

The effects of a government shutdown aren’t always clear to the general public at first. In fact, the effects of a shutdown grow over time. The first week we might not notice anything more than an overactive 24/7 news cycle spinning and re-spinning pundit comments like stones in a rotating drum, until each one comes out polished and perfect. The second week brings more of the same, but with a little bit more urgency. When exactly those of us not in the government begin to feel the drag of these decisions is not clear. What is clear is that we will feel it if it isn’t fixed.

In a tiny effort to keep our minds on what binds us, instead of what pulls us apart, Executive Essentials is highlighting a ‘few good pens’ of the red, white and blue variety that are currently on sale. Pens that even furloughed government workers can afford and that could be used to write letters to Congressmen in hopes of urging them to do what’s right for their country, instead of what’s right for their politics.



Omas Arte Italiana Midi Milord Fountain Pen Red

The Arte Italiana Collection is a tribute to the original twelve faceted model designed by Armando Simoni in 1930. This pen is made with highly modern materials giving it a glossy glow and exquisite finish. Practical, yet refined, this pen is currently a fraction of it’s original cost. The platinum-plated finish on the highlights bring a subdued richness to the overall look that is designed to mimic a twelve sided Doric column. The rolling wheel clip makes it easy to stow and retrieve for those busy days.



faberFaber-Castell Design Ambition Ballpoint Pen in Stainless Steel

Every politician has it in spades, but it’s not a trait reserved solely for those who seek office. Ambition is a trait that dwells within all of us and guides our hand on a daily basis. Those who have buckets of ambition can manage great feats or fumble hard, ruining their lives and the lives of those around them. Ambition needs temperance and this Faber-Castell fountain pen has it. A sleek barrel of stainless steel comes off as modest, but the pen clearly exudes a higher calling. Nearly futuristic it has a clam and cool vibe, but a clear purpose.


Waterford Claria Rollerball Pen in Catalina Blue

The Waterford Claria is a great looking pen at a fabulous price that most can afford. From the Marquis Collection, this pen has silky smooth contours and a hearty, substantial feel. It’s a durable pen with a body smothered in lacquered finishes making it resilient and good for daily use. With gleaming chrome appointments and a lift-off cap, it’s a perfect blue in our tribute to the triad of the flag.

These fine pens and many more are available at Executive Essentials, so take some time and look around.

Think Andre The Giant Rollerball Pen

Andre the Giant Pen

“I just want you to feel you’re doing well”

Acromegaly is a syndrome that results when the pituitary gland in a body produces more growth hormone than is necessary. This is usually a condition that affects middle-aged people, but something that is hard to detect, depending on the outward signs. A person who is subject to an excess of growth hormone continues to grow – long after they were supposed to stop. This leads to a condition called gigantism. This is what made Andre Rene Roussimoff a world famous character as Andre the Giant.

Andre learned the trade of wrestling at age 17. Already a large person with a formidable physical presence, he worked a regular 9-5 during the day and at night trained with a professional wrestling coach who saw a sizable future for the giant. He began wrestling in the local circuits and in no time was recognizable in multiple countries including the United Kingdom, Africa, Germany, New Zealand and Australia. It was when he began to wrestle in Japan that doctors started to notice something odd about Andre and discovered that he suffered from acromegaly.

It was in 1973 that Andre the Giant wrestled for the first time in the World Wide Wrestling Federation. He was put up against Budy Wolfe and THI-PR-KT7150-RB-ATGquickly became a fan favorite with his size and appearance. His career continued on throughout the 70’s and 80’s leading him into the top echaleon of wrestlers and putting him in the ring with the likes of Hulk Hogan, Jake Roberts, “Macho Man” Randy Savage and many more. Throughout it all, Andre remained the favorite among fans.

‘The Giant’ broke out into an acting career that was spotty at best. His first role was playing a sasquatch in the film, “Bigfoot.” Other roles included bit parts on “The Greatest American Hero”, “The Fall Guy” and other 80’s TV shows. His most endearing role, however, was when he played Fezzik, the rhyming, lovable, giant in “The Princess Bride.” Anybody wanna peanut?

To commemorate this baby faced man of legend, Think Pens has come out with the Andre the Giant Limited Edition Rollerball Pen. Known for their great tribute pens from all spectrums of pop culture, Think has put together a rousing pen that sums up the spirit and vitality of this giant from bygone days. To honor Andre’s stature (which came in at 7 foot 4 inches) Think made this pen a bit larger than all the rest. It measures in at 8.5 inches, but still manages to feel good in the hand. Since he was known as the 8th wonder of the world, Think is limiting this run to 888 pens. Decked out in a rich royal blue Italian resin with Bronze accents this pen has a big feel.

Check out the Andre the Giant Think Limited Edition Rollerball Pen and other fine pens in the Executive Essentials Catalog.