Give a Ferrari (Pen) for Graduation

Ferrari by Sheaffer Pens

Sheaffer and Scuderia Ferrari present the official licensed Ferrari pens.

The perfect gift is hard to find. It’s more rare than true love, but once you find it, whomever you give it to will never let it go. With the advent of the internet, you would think that finding the perfect gift would be easier.  There are millions of gift ideas out there in the ether just waiting for a credit card. Blog posts with information helping you find the right gift for the right person.  So why is it December 19th and many people still have shopping to do? Because, matching gifts to the personality of your receiver isn’t a product of science. You can’t use a formula to arrive at your answer. And, it can’t be accomplished by exhaustively searching the internet sales. It comes from inspiration and from reading blog posts like the one you are on right now.

Obviously, we at Executive Essentials, feel our online catalog of fine pens is the pot at the end of the rainbow when it comes to gift ideas. Pens have personalities and it’s up to you to find one that matches that special someone on your list. Although we will list a number of great pens over the next few days, we especially are excited about offering you the opportunity to give your friends and family something that will bring a smile to their face. This year, give them a Ferrari!

The Ferrari car, created by Italian engineer Enzo Ferrari in 1929, is a symbol of wealth and luxury. It is a culmination of speed, engineering, science and inspiration. Since the birth of this gorgeous vehicle, people have held it to a higher standard and sought it out, hoping that the prestige within the car would somehow rub off on them. And, it often does. As road cars they turn heads whether on the highway or city streets and as race cars they have proven to be winners with an excellent history and track record.

Purchasing a real Ferrari car might be a little out of your price range, but purchasing one of the new Ferrari Pens by Sheaffer is possibly right within what you are willing to pay. Sheaffer and Scuderia Ferrari present the official licensed Ferrari pens. These pens embody values and characteristics synonymous with that of the Ferrari cars throughout history. The Ferrari pen collection features passion and identifiable designs combined with the high quality craftsmanship for which Sheaffer is known. The stainless steel Sheaffer nib on the fountain pen is beautifully styled, laying down a bold, wet line of ink. The red color of the barrel and cap is the same color that made Ferrari so successful and recognizable. To round out the pen, Ferrari has allowed the use of their emblem, which rests on the cap. A superb looking pen made by skilled craftsmen.

Take a look at these Sheaffer pens and more at the Executive Essentials Catalog and have a great holiday season.

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