The Montblanc Writer’s Edition Leo Tolstoy Pen


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Montblanc has once again designed a masterpiece: The Montblanc Writer’s Edition Leo Tolstoy Pen (available in the fountain, rollerball and ballpoint styles). Montblanc chose well in honoring this special man, philosopher, but mostly, extraordinary writer.

Tolstoy is best known for his novels War and Peace and Anna Karenina but he also contributed notable works in the spiritual and religious realms including A Kingdom of God is Within You and Resurrection. His writings have not only influenced generations of readers but also instrumental leaders of change including Mahatma Ghandi and Martin Luther King Jr.

Much of Tolstoy’s work is “art imitating life”. His early books reflect his life as an aristocrat living in a society of excesses and a soldier serving in a violent war. While his later writings reflect his conversion to a religious man, leading the life of a christian anarchist and pacifist; a man wanting to give up everything material and striving to remove violence from society and his own day to day existence.

As Tolstoy grew as a writer, he changed as a man and his life came to imitate his art. Anyone who has read his significant body of work will understand Montblanc’s decision to pay tribute to this remarkable man with this amazing limited edition pen!

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