Best Father’s Day Gifts

Montblanc Limited Edition Ludovico Sforza Fountain Pen

In Germany, Father’s Day, which they refer to as Vatertag, has a whole different type of style than here in the United States. Their Father’s Day celebration happens forty days after Easter on Ascension Day –which is a federal holiday and therefore a really good day to […]

Unique Father’s Day Gifts

Think Bruce Lee Pen

Pens are fun gifts for Father’s Day. Let’s just get that out of the way in case you had any doubt. Dad doesn’t need another tie or a mounted plastic fish that sings ‘Take Me To The River’ when you push a button. He doesn’t need an items that will […]

Father’s Day Gift Pens

Happy Fathers Day From Visconti

I have a friend who has complained every Father’s Day since he has had children that, “if it’s father’s day, how come I can’t sit around in my underwear, drink some beer, eat some hot wings and watch miscellaneous T.V. shows without being bothered? Why do I have to […]

Dali Dance of Time Limited Edition Fountain Pen

In the surrealist painting, The Persistence of Memory, a bleak landscape is laid-out before the viewer, nearly fading into the background in a haze of brightness. In the foreground, several, larger than life pocket watches drape over a tables edge the branch of a tree. One is melting on the ground. They look soft, pliable […]