Red Pens

Red is the color of rubies, strawberries and blood. It is a color that is at times associated with anger and other times associated with love. It conjures up images of passion, danger seduction, while at the same time being the chosen color of communism and socialism. It’s one of the prime colors in Christmas […]

Cross 2013 Year of the Snake

Beartooth Highway — Montana

Summer is approaching quickly. Cold afternoons are being pushed further back into the night and soon even the darkness will have a casual balmy feeling. As spring fades and lets loose its ever tenuous hold on the season, days will grow longer, spirits will lighten and the mood of a […]

Pen Chests

Everything needs a home. People, animals, even our stuff. Most everything has a place or at the very least a room. The kitchen is for our food, the bedroom is for our clothes and slumbering equipment. All across the planet objects and people find places to reside. For those who are incarcerated – those who […]

Montblanc, Unicef — Signature For Good

The world can sometimes seem a crazy place. An environment filled with random and not so random acts of violence and bouts of havoc creating natural events. Try as we might, we cannot explain either although many of us spend a great deal of time trying. But, trials and tribulations are a large part of […]

The Montblanc Heater Pen

Montblanc Company

Nobody innovates like the good folks at Montblanc. Known for their incredible line of pen products and other executive essentials, the company is always looking to expand their reach into new areas of science and art. Just take a look at a few of the pens that commemorate the likes of Albert […]