Montegrappa Silver Brain Fountain Pen

Montegrappa Silver Brain Pen

There is an assumption that we all carry with us in our daily lives. It is the belief that what we see with our eyes are the objects that govern our world. But, many times, what we see and interact with is really only a shell or covering to something […]

Montblanc Albert Einstein – Great Characters Limited Edition Fountain Pen

Montblanc Eintstien Fountain Pen

Pens are for writers or so we are told. At the very least, we are lead to believe that pens are for people who have something to write about, regardless of whether it is writing in the academic sense of the word or just writing a note to your downstairs […]

Montegrappa Batman Pen

In the late 1930s, comics were just beginning to rise out of the hands of young children and into the hands of young adults or those adults young at heart. Characters like Dick Tracy, the Phantom, Blue Beetle and Flash Gordon all had prominence in the pages of strips and books alike. The theme was […]

Vintage Toasters and Writing Instruments

GE D-12 Toaster

Pens and other writing instruments are something that we often take for granted. Primarily, because there isn’t anyone alive today that remembers a time when a writing instrument of some kind didn’t exist. But, there was a time when mankind didn’t have a way to ‘jot things down’ or ‘take a […]

Montblanc Excellence

Masterpiece is a word that comes to mind when you mention Montblanc. Theirs is a legacy that has far exceeded any expectations the founders could have ever imagined. Three men, a stationer named Claus-Johannes Voss,

Montblanc Meisterstuck

an engineer named August Eberstein and Alfred Nehemias, a banker, came together with the goal of making […]