The 2013 Oscars…for Writing Instruments

The Oscars represent that time of year when we look back on the artistic contributions of those who make movies to determine which one’s have touched us the most. Which ones have broken the mold on how stories are told both physically and emotionally. We single out individuals to show gratitude for a job well […]

Pens For Dog Lovers

The Westminster Dog Show was earlier this month and as with most years it was quite the show. Hundreds of different dogs all came together to compete for group title and best of show. It’s a pretty spectacular event, but one that is hard to translate to outsiders. Unlike a sporting event that has set […]

A Montblanc Inauguration


Meisterstuck Classique

The best part of a presidential inauguration is when the presidential campaigns are over and the media goes silent. Although selecting the leader of the United States is a worthy and serious endeavor – one that all citizens should take part in – the side-effects that come along from being subjected […]