A Penaholic’s Pen Resolutions

Last year, guest blogger Tracy McCusker wrote about how to use longhand to keep on top of yearly resolutions. This year, she offers up advice on how general resolutions can apply more generally to every aspect of your life–and how your overall resolutions can even apply to pens.

It’s the end of January, and […]

Fountain Pen Basics: Barrel Materials

Fountain Pen Basics are posts for new fountain pen users who are learning the ropes. The series will introduce you to fountain pen terminology by looking at solutions to common fountain pen problems. In this week’s entry, we will be investigating pen materials. Previous entries in this series have covered new pen clogs, feathering and […]

Diplomat Excellence Pens

Diplomat Black and Gold

When nations are born, a great deal of time is spent working on domestic matters. The population and people expound on the virtues of their chosen form of government and set laws that dictate expectations. For some countries, the birth and growth in those initial years are positive and peaceful, […]