A Writing Instrument Resolution

The start of a new year brings with it a slew of heady contemplation. Tradition fills us with the need to look back over the last 364 days with a microscope. It’s a time when we are required to put great weight to our actions and pull from the dustbin of the year, nuggets of […]

Fountain Pen Basics: When a New Pen Clogs

When I bought my first fountain pen twelve years ago, I plunged into a new world of writing. Because I’d only used ballpoint pens before, I encountered problems for which I had no names. Fountain Pen Basics are posts for new fountain pen users who are learning the ropes. The series will introduce you to […]

Last Minute Gift Ideas! We can Help!

Happy holidays to everyone! Hope you have finalized your shopping lists, and checked them twice. In case you are stuck and just can’t figure out what to get someone, Executive Essentials can help! Have a wide array of unique gifts at various prices, so you can find just the right present for just the right […]

Montblanc Christmas Gifts

Give Montblanc This Season

There is a reason that writers and fans of writing instruments seek out Montblanc pens. The company has a distinguished past riddled with artisan success when it comes to designing and crafting high-quality, long lasting pens. It’s a reputation tangled up in facts and although individual pens may pull a […]

Still looking for Gift Ideas?

It’s December. Are you still shopping? I am. There are always last-minute gifts, and the people for whom it’s always exceeding hard to find the right item. If you are still searching for gift ideas after reading the Penaholic’s Gift Guide (part one and two), then this post is for you. In this post, I […]