Buying a Limited Edition Pen

Hawaii Limited Edition (Rhodium-Plated)

This year has seen some gorgeous limited edition pens in release. Not only did Mont Blanc release a new Writers Edition pen, the Jonathan Swift, Delta has continued its Indigenous People collection with the Hawaii Limited Edition. Created from a resin that reflects the beautiful colors of the islands, the […]

The 2012 Penaholic Gift Guide: Part Two

Part One of 2012’s gift guide can be read here.

Last week, I gave the inexpensive pens picks for my 2012 gift guide. In this second half of my pen gift guide, I give my picks for mid-range and luxury collections. Though the price tags are larger, the prices are still small compared to […]

The 2012 Penaholic Gift Guide: Part One

Last year’s gift guide was so massive that it was split into three posts. If you’d like to read last year recommendations, visit part one for pens up to 50 dollars, part two for pens up to 100 dollars, part three for pens 200 dollars and over plus some recommendations for pens for first-time fountain […]

Brand Spotlight: Monteverde

The Bold Colors of a Monteverde Invincia

Of all of the young pen companies on the market today, Monteverde has been making a name for itself in the world of fine writing instruments. The hallmark of its lines: Italian resins (high-grade plastics) that resist scratching; an interest in achieving different material effects like transparency, […]