Why Ballpoint Pens are Serious Writing Tool

This surprisingly simple feeling is a rare sentiment in the pen collecting world. Yet I am sure most of you will agree with me. If ballpoint pens and fountain pens are made in the same model by serious pen manufacturers, why don’t more pen collectors say the same thing? Why is the attitude that fountain […]

Caran d’Ache Artists Sets

Caran d’Ache may be known in the pen world (and on this blog) as a manufacturer of finely-balanced pens, but its reputation is far different for fine artists. To artists, Caran d’Ache is a maker of top-quality colored pencils, oil pastels, and artists’ crayons. While I normally write about the care and maintenance of fountain […]

Montblanc Pen and Writing: What to do Without Electricity?

Imagine a time you needed a pen. Let’s say, it was a Mont Blanc fountain pen, any of them. Why would you need it? When you want your handwritten correspondence to have a distinguished look, and sometimes a digital medium is just insufficient. Note-taking, writing, it’s a lost art form in these modern times. What […]

Ink Spotlight: Private Reserve

Last week, I wrote about one of the most vexing problems for new fountain pen users–feathering. Feathering is an indistinct or fuzzy line caused by ink seeping into the paper fibers. Often feathering will look like tiny little lines branching off of your letters. Bad feathering may make it impossible to read your own handwriting. […]

Fountain Pen Basics: Feathering

When I bought my first fountain pen twelve years ago, I was plunging into a completely new world of writing. Because I’d only used ballpoint pens before, I encountered problems for which I had no names. Fountain Pen Basics are posts for new fountain pen users who are learning the ropes of their pens. […]