On Lost Pens and Pen Clips

If you love it let it go…

It took two weeks to receive the most expected package of the month. I kept my eye on the tracker to watch in non-real time as the package traversed the country. When it finally arrived, I giddily slid the three boxes open. My summer pens! One was […]

Three Pens

Faber-Castell Loom Pen Orange

Sometimes when you go to the movies, you expect an epic journey of love, danger and deceit. You want the limits of your imagination stretched and your understanding of the world to become deeper, more expansive. You want twists and turns to keep you on your toes and images of […]

Firma Qube Pens

Qube Red Pen

The Olympics are over. All that is left are the stories of triumph and defeat. Over the last few weeks, the world was able to step into the shoes of countless athletes to get a glimpse of their lives as told by their passion for their sport, their family and their […]

Lime Lamy Safari

Limes are Good

It’s August all around us. You can mostly tell because of the sweltering heat. At this point in the summer it starts getting hot early and it doesn’t cool down until late. And, if you don’t have a swimming pool, powerful air conditioner or other artificial way to keep from over-heating […]