Think Camo Fountain Pen and Other Oddities

Think Camo Pen Flint

Oddities attract our attention. The sight of something ordinary, but with a twist that challenges our ideas of how that object should appear gives us pause to think and then to rethink and categorize. Oddities literally stun our senses. Odd objects cause our brain to fire all ‘pistons’ at once, […]

Tokens and Icons: Stadium Seating

Busch Stadium

There’s nothing like being in the stands of a major league ball game. The hum of excitement on a balmy night is emphasized with the yells of “PEANUTS”, and the murmurs of side conversations intermingling with the smells of hot dogs and cold beer. Rows and rows of fans encircle a patch […]

How To Select A Comfortable Pen

Cross Century- Good Grips

–Tracy McCusker is at it again. This time letting us in on what to look for in a comfortable pen!

Twelve years ago, I visited my doctor with blinding pain in my right wrist. It was so bad I couldn’t even flex my fingers without crippling my arm. The […]

Retro 51 Founding Fathers Pens

This summer all across the nation, temperatures are extreme. Record breaking highs during the day drive people into their homes, shopping malls and grocery stores for a bit of cool air and respite from the heat. If they’re lucky, there’s water nearby. At night though, the warm air dissipates and the ground cools off as […]

Waterford Emerald Isle Kilbarry Fountain Pen

Waterford Emerald Isle Killbarry

On a wayward trip this last week, across the great open space of Montana, I managed to find the time to steer into one of my favorite towns in America –Butte. Some who have been to Butte recently, might ponder my choice of naming Butte as one of America’s greats […]