Montblanc Starwalker Red and Gold

From 1916 to 1991 a man named Irwin Allen earned the nickname the , “master of disaster” for his work creating disaster films that brought both ingenuity and storytelling craft to the forefront of cinema. Long considered a base and cheap form of story telling, the classic disaster film was brought to a new level […]

Have you considered a Summer Pen?

It’s nearly the start of the summer: daylight stretches into the late hours, the afternoon breeze brings crisp air from the coast, and ripe lemons hang off the backyard tree. These are the evenings to prop up a good writing chair on the balcony. The start of summer also means the start of a new […]

John Wayne: Think Fountain Pen

Old West Americana Icon — John Wane

When people from all over the world think of John Wayne, they don’t often think of pens. In fact, on screen, Wayne was more of fighter than a writer, more comfortable shooting from the top of a horse than writing prose or poetry. But, as an icon […]

Father’s Day Gift Ideas

Fisher Space Pen

Remember a few weeks ago when you were scrambling around trying to find the perfect gift for Mother’s Day? Remember when you waited to the last minute to find just the right gift? Take those bad memories and transform them into action! Take the tomorrow of your to-do list and get […]