Father’s Day Gift Ideas

Don't get him this.

Father’s Day is on June 17th this year. And, if you take a look at your calendar, you will notice that it is only several weeks away. That means you need to dust off the old idea box lying dormant between your ears and fire it into overdrive if your […]

The Graduate Guide To Losing Pens

You don't want to lose this!

You can’t believe it. The black robe chafes as you walk up to the podium. The dean doesn’t smile. He shakes hands and gives you a placeholder diploma. A small wave to the attendees fanning themselves with program. You’ve done it. Graduation!

After the ceremony, you are handed […]

Unique Mother’s Day Gifts

Hunting on the internet for a unique Mother’s Day gift is the last minute pastime for a lot of folks right now. Spinning around the internet in search of good deals for that one item that is fun and heartfelt. It’s a tough combination to find and it takes a great deal of thought to […]