Visconti Van Gogh Collection

Van Gogh Self Portrait

Vincent Van Gogh was one of the greatest Dutch post impressionist painters of his time with an influence that reached far into the 20th century. Born into a wealthy family in the Netherlands, Van Gogh grew up in a religious family where he received both home schooling as well as […]

Waterman Clearance Pens

Waterman Hemisphere


All brands of pens have ranges within their own hierarchy. It’s part of the marketing game to make sure that you have products in your lines that speak to those pen lovers in all economic brackets. I’m glad they do. It’s a good challenge for pen designers to push the limits […]

Goals and Goal Journals, The Longhand Edition

Hey folks! Guest blogger Tracy McCusker is back with a few suggestions for your New Years’ Resolutions and suggestions on how to keep them going strong well after January ends.

It’s the end of the January! That means it is probably about time to do a month-end review of your resolutions.

We all […]

Get Organized with Pen Stands


In case you haven’t noticed, it’s 2012. Time to say good bye to the fun and fortunes of 2011 and welcome in the year the Mayans predicted would be our last. Well, with every new year comes a batch of checks in the first week with all the dates scratched out and rewritten appropriately. […]