Gift Pens

Montblanc Meisterstuck

Thanksgiving is over ladies and gentlemen. And as the last leftover turkey sandwich settles in for digestion we must all turn our heads towards the on-coming holiday season and the joy and warmth it brings. As the climax of the holiday season draws near and the last weeks of the year come […]

Montegrappa Muhammad Ali Limited Edition Pens

Muhammad Ali, "The Greatest"

He was born Cassius Clay, but the world over would come to know him as the greatest heavy-weight boxer of all time – Muhammad Ali. He was born in Louisville, Kentucky, the older of two boys. His father was a sign painter and his mother stayed at home, keeping the […]

Lamy Safari and Lamy Studio

Lamy Safari Ballpoint

In the world of collectible pens there is a common misunderstanding that price equals quality. True enthusiasts know, however, that when it comes to pens, price equals the cost of materials and labor. With a little extra added in for profit of course. The reality is that no matter how shiny […]

Company Logo Pens for Christmas

Parker Sonnet Ballpoint Engraved

The ovens are far from heating up for this 2011 Thanksgiving dinner, but that doesn’t mean that Christmas is content to wait on the sidelines until we are all done digesting. In fact, ho-ho-ho tinged commercials have already infiltrated the airwaves and local shops are already trimming their newly frosted […]