Montblanc, Cross, Acme and Visconti Present: Costume Ideas





Montblanc John Lennon Pen

It’s Halloween and that means tricks, treats and getting dressed up as your favorite character. As the father of two small children, I understand the value of a well conceived and executed costume. I understand the amount of thought and ingenuity it takes to craft a […]

Rickenbacker and Cross Year of the Dragon Pens

Year of the Dragon Fountain Pen

Every craftsman needs great tools to perform, create, design and produce. This is true of all professions from musicians to carpenters. And although high quality tools cannot make an untrained craftsman an immediate success at their craft, it does allow them to move about in their field unhindered […]

Acme Beatles Pen Collection

Roughly two weeks before Christmas in 1963 the evening news reported on a musical phenomenon that was keeping the residents of the United Kingdom jumping and dancing all day and all night long. It was a musical group of 4 young men from Liverpool who had cut their musical chops on skiffle and transformed into […]

Montblanc and the Beatles

Montblanc 1940 John Lennon Fountain Pen

On this date in 1963, ‘Please Please Me’, the debut album by legendary rock band The Beatles, had already enjoyed 24 weeks at number 1 on the UK Record Retailer Charts. Its number one spot would go on to last 8 more weeks and mark the beginnings of […]