Make your Desk Stand Out

Have you ever thought about what makes a desk a desk? You know what I mean? I know you’ve walked into an office, and have had your eyes pop open because the desk looked so dignified and sharp. So, what is it that makes it look like that? No, it’s not just the type of wood used or the color of the finish; it’s the desk accessories. We have tons to choose from, and they’re sure to make your desk stand out. Penholders, desk pads and bookends are all great additions to any desk that won’t overpower the room. They will subtly provide you with an extra touch of class and elegance that many desks lack. For example, you might like the snake penholder. This one is unique; it is hand sculpted to make every detail of this snake from the contours of its scaly skin to its pointy front teeth look genuine. You might like more of a classic look, and for that I would recommend the duo penholder and name plate. The base of this holder is solid cherry wood with sleek chrome appointments. There are two placeholders to ensure that guests to your desk know they can use one of the pens in the stand and know who are you because you can personalize a nameplate in between the two holders. Bookends are another understated way to jazz up your desk. Every good desk needs some books, and books need to be contained so they don’t look messy. Solution? The bookend. You can choose from something that represents your profession like Lady Justice with her balanced scales or the medical symbol engraved into solid marble. Whatever your taste, there is something to complement it. Finally, desk pads are a great way to pull it all together. Maybe your pencil and business card cases are brown leather. Why not add in the brown leather desk pad to make it all cohesive. Trust me, these small accessories will make a big difference on your desk. Check them out at Executive Essentials! […]

Namiki’s Vanishing Point: Newer, Sleeker and Better Than Ever

The vanishing point. Nope, not as in the movie or part of a painting. I’m talking Namiki. The vanishing point is one of the brand’s most famous pens, and they’ve vamped it up to go with modern times.

The collection is now bigger and better, and available in a fountain pen or ballpoint pen. The […]

The New Cross C-Series: Pen or Sports Car?

Car enthusiasts, get ready. Cross released a new collection, the C-Series, modeled after sports cars. The collection features fountain and rollerball pens in your choice of blue, champagne and black, with the black coming in two finishes. […]

Montblanc Pays Homage to Queen Elizabeth I with New Pen

Strong. Defined. Powerful. Innovative. These words describe the reign of Queen Elizabeth I, and what’s more impressive is that they also apply to Montblanc’s new pen dedicated to her throne. […]