The Montblanc Writer’s Edition Leo Tolstoy Pen


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Montblanc has once again designed a masterpiece: The Montblanc Writer’s Edition Leo Tolstoy Pen (available in the fountain, rollerball and ballpoint styles). Montblanc chose well in honoring this special man, philosopher, but mostly, extraordinary writer.

Tolstoy is best known for his novels War and Peace and Anna Karenina but he also contributed notable works in the spiritual and religious realms including A Kingdom of God is Within You and Resurrection. His writings have not only influenced generations of readers but also instrumental leaders of change including Mahatma Ghandi and Martin Luther King Jr.

Much of Tolstoy’s work is “art imitating life”. His early books reflect his life as an aristocrat living in a society of excesses and a soldier serving in a violent war. While his later writings reflect his conversion to a religious man, leading the life of a christian anarchist and pacifist; a man wanting to give up everything material and striving to remove violence from society and his own day to day existence.

As Tolstoy grew as a writer, he changed as a man and his life came to imitate his art. Anyone who has read his significant body of work will understand Montblanc’s decision to pay tribute to this remarkable man with this amazing limited edition pen!

What Makes a Limited Edition Pen so Special

There’s something about a fine writing instrument. It makes you feel important. It makes your words special. It adds a touch of elegance and class to your everyday routine. If you are not a pen collector, you understand the significance of a fine pen the first time you pick one up. If you are a collector, you already appreciate the value. Regardless of your familiarity with the world of fine pens, we can all see the beauty of limited edition pens. Brands like Lamy, Montblanc and Parker produce fantastically advanced, sophisticated and streamlined writing instruments, and when you add in the title of limited edition, the end result is truly a masterful work of art.

Limited edition pens act as thoughtful and unique gifts as their beauty is undeniable. You can complement someone’s personality or inspire them with a limited edition pen. We’re taking some time today to highlight a few of our favorites and bestsellers to make that purchase even simpler.

First on our list is the special edition 25th anniversary pen from Retro 51. The popular brand created a special acid-etched Tornado. The pen features “25” in a plated stonewashed pewter finish as the pattern as well as a barrel complemented with glossy rhodium accents. The pen contains a rollerball refill, and is packaged in a special tube with the number inscribed on the top ring. This pen is on track with the brand philosophy of life being “too short to carry an ugly pen.” They infuse character and playfulness into quality writing instruments thereby making them more accessible and approachable.

Next up, we have the Dialog 1 from Lamy. The powerhouse teamed up with world-renowned designer Richard Sapper to craft this futuristic pen. The ergonomic instrument combines durability with a modern sleekness. The ballpoint Dialog 1 is coated in matte titanium making its triangular body and rounded edges appear like something Tony Stark himself would pick up and sketch his next bodysuit with.


Parker Ingenuity LE

Parker Pens is synonymous with elegance, quality and talent. It is no surprise that the Ingenuity 5th Technology Year of the Dragon pen is streamlined, bold and beautiful. The Ingenuity collection is the next generation in fine pens. It combines a cutting edge refill tip and engraved metallic hood that provide a smooth and smart glide feeling. While not a fountain pen, it acts and looks like one.

Choosing the right fine pen is not an easy task. The good news is that you can’t go wrong with a limited edition piece– especially these pens.

The Wonderful World of Waterman

If you know fine pens, you know Waterman. Poetry, movement, and design define the Waterman brand, and those concepts are evident in each piece produced from the pen powerhouse. These fine writing instruments are skillfully made in France and creatively echo the genius of the brand’s founder, Lewis Edson Waterman. Waterman invented the world’s first reliable fountain pen in 1883. With unique personalities and traits, no two designs are alike. Designed to accessorize your imagination and make writing a pleasure, only the best craftsmanship is used to create these beautiful pieces. The collections include rollerball, ballpoint, and fountain pens, many of which can be customized with personalized engravings.


In its latest limited edition collection, Waterman has done it again. The Ombres Et Lumieres series is magnificent. In true Waterman fashion, this collection is a nod to the brand’s French heritage. Anyone who has been to Paris, or seen pictures, knows why it’s called the city of lights. Paris illuminates beauty and sophistication like none other. The elegant black and white motif of the pens reminds us of the nighttime Paris landscape. It’s eternally chic, breathtakingly beautiful, and one of a kind- just like the newest additions to the Waterman family.


In addition to the Ombres Et Lumieres, Waterman also offers the best quality pen refills. It’s hard to find exact matches for ink refills, and we are experts at that here. We offer everything from Waterman ballpoint pen refills to the harder to find Waterman fountain pen ink refill bottles. You have your choice of eight iconic Waterman colors to choose from to keep your writing interesting.


Maybe you’re new to the wonderful world of Waterman. A great place to start is with some of our best sellers. These include the ballpoint and rollerball pens from the Hemipshere and Expert collections. These fine writing instruments are classic statements of simple luxury. They exude classic luxury without drawing too much attention. They make great gifts for someone special or a treat for yourself.


The Art of Engraving

Have you ever gone to buy a pen, wallet or briefcase for someone and panicked because it’s not personal enough? You know they’d love the actual item, but somehow it doesn’t feel unique enough to or for them. You know this is it, but there’s still something holding you back. If only there were a simple solution…don’t worry- there is! We’ve been there too, and know how frustrating it is. To avoid all the hassle, we have come up with the perfect answer. Engrave or monogram it. Seems so easy, right? Well, it is. Sometimes we forget the most basic concepts because we get lost in all the noise. There are so many new technologies and there will always be the latest “it” product, but today we’re throwing it back and reintroducing us to the wonderful world of personalized gifts featuring engraving and monogramming.

Here at Irv’s, we can engrave pens or monogram leather goods. It adds that extra special touch you did or perhaps didn’t even know you were missing. It’s the perfect gift because you would never buy it for yourself, but you treasure it just as much. It’s fun for you to pick out, too because there are so many different paths you can take. You can choose something simple and classic like a name or you can be whimsical and add something encouraging. Maybe you just want to make them smile every time they look at it. You can remind someone of the date they met you or the day they graduated from college. You can tell them you love them or let them know how special they are. Personalizing a gift takes that everyday common item and elevates it into something incomparably extraordinary.

We monogram and engrave everything from pens to wallets and briefcases. Click here to take a peek at our inventory.

Life Saver: Graduation Gift Guide For Her

Alright, now that we have the boys down, let’s move to the women. Choosing the right graduation gift for the girl in your life is just plain hard. You want it to be stylish. You want it to be functional. You want it to be something she wouldn’t buy herself. Luckily for you, we’re experts at gifting. We’ve rounded up the best options for every age and type of graduation in this life-saving gift guide. Keep scrolling and click through for pure gift bliss.


The girl: the numbers addict

The gift: Retro 51 Albert pencil


The girl: communication major starting her first job in marketing

The gift: Cross Calais ballpoint pen


The girl: the new architect

The gift: Parker Sonnet rollerball pen


The girl: graduate with a Masters in Social Work

The gift: Waterman Hemisphere fountain pen


The girl: theatre queen

The gift: Montblanc Boheme Paso Doble


The girl: moving to a new city- lots of exploring

The gift: Lodis phone wallet wristlet


The girl: first day at the new PR firm

The gift: Clark & Mayfield Bellevue laptop bag


The girl: newly graduated lawyer

The gift: Knomo Bayswater slim brief

Foolproof Gift Guide For Him

We’ve all been waiting for it, and here is it; June has finally arrived. It’s the end of school, the start of summer, and full blown graduation season. It’s time for vacations, a day at the lake, and nights outside by the grill. It sounds easy and carefree, but we all know better- at least when it comes to gradation. There are constant variables that worry our minds. Will the rain hold off for that outdoor party? What do I wear for the ceremony? What do I get my daughter’s boyfriend for college graduation?

While the weather may be unpredictable and that blouse might still be at the cleaners, we can at least take the pressure off of gifting this season. We’ve sorted through the new tech and old classics to present this foolproof gift guide for the guy in your life. Whether your son is moving onto college or starting his first job, we have the perfect addition for the new chapter in his life. Just take a deep breath, and keep on reading for an instant stress reliever.

The guy: the ultimate baseball lover

The gift: Retro 51 big shot popper


The guy: college grad starting his first job

The gift: Cross bailey rollerball pen


The guy: just completed his MBA

The gift: Parker Ingenuity 5th Technology year of the Dragon


The guy: the new M.D.

The gift: Montblanc meisterstuck classique ballpoint pen


The guy: making the jump to high school (needs to store that new ID)

The gift: Osgoode Marley leather money clip wallet


The guy: the constant traveler

The gift: Dopp country saddle collection travel kit


The guy: starting his first job in sales

The gift: Kenneth Cole leather billfold wallet


The guy: first day at the law office of…

The gift: David King leather messenger bag

Stay tuned for the best gifts for her…

Urban Speed Pens Mark Latest Innovation in Montblanc’s Starwalker Collection

The Starwalker pen Collection exhibits some of the most classic and iconic designs from Montblanc. To add to the prestigious family, Montblanc has released the Urban Speed Pen to continue on in that tradition. The elegantly sleek black resin captures the timelessness of the piece. The new creation balances the boldness we all know and love from Montblanc with a subtle sophistication. The hand-lacquered red stripe on the clip offsets the floating Montblanc emblem and brushed fittings. It is truly a sight to behold.

The dramatic look of the Urban Speed Starwalker brings to mind another walker: Skywalker. This December, The Star Wars Franchise debuts its next masterpiece: the first film in the third trilogy. Sure to be packed with action, excitement and the epic fight of good vs. evil, fans across the country will file in to view the work of J.J Abrams and George Lucas. They’ll stay up all night waiting for tickets with other super fans, and decide if their black Darth Vader helmets are shiny enough to wear or need another polish. Whether you’re there for the people watching or genuine cinematic adventure, it’s sure to be a great ride. If you’re looking for something equally as thrilling without the wait time, I suggest the Montblanc Urban Speed pens from the Starwalker collection. They pack the punch of the Death Star without all the drama.

Who, you might ask, is worthy of possessing such a luxurious writing mechanism? The good news is that it’s perfect for everyone. It works great as an addition for someone with an enviable pen collection of their own, or for one just starting out. It might be that confidence boost your college grad needs at his first job, or perhaps that unexpected Father’s Day gift he’ll forever cherish.

Whatever the case may be, the Urban Speed Starwalker is definitely a force I want on my side.

Available now at Executive Essentials.

The sleek Urban Speed Fountain Pen

The sleek Urban Speed Fountain Pen

Montblanc Unveils The Limited Edition Pavarotti – A Pen Worthy of Its Namesake

In memory of the late opera star, Montblanc has unveiled a Limited Edition Fountain Pen in his honor. Every detail on this magnificent writing instrument reminds us of Pavarotti’s legacy and talent. As per opera tradition, before each show Pavarotti would search for a bent nail to keep in his pocket as a good luck charm. This is externalized on the 750 solid gold nib in a delicate engraving. The black and white lacquer of the pen is a nod to his distinctive black tuxedo and white bow-tie. The cone is lacquered in red with intricate turquoise cabochon flowers reminding us of the Hawaiian floral shirts the iconic singer loved wearing off stage. As the last tribute to Pavarotti’s signature ensemble, the gold-plated clip wraps effortlessly around the cap just like how he draped his trademark scarf.

Why did Montblanc find Pavarotti worthy of a commemorative fine writing instrument? In 1935, in a small farming village in Northern Italy, a son named Luciano was born to a baker and a cigar factory worker. Like most other boys at the time, he fell in love with what we call soccer, known worldwide as football. Little Luciano saw a promising future ahead of himself as a goalkeeper and was ready to pursue that dream. Upon graduation, his mother convinced him to leave behind his foolish wishes to become a goalkeeper in pursuit of a career in teaching. For two years, Luciano taught school lessons but lacked passion and interest in the field. In 1954, at the young age of 19, Luciano began his formal studies in music. Little did he know he would grow up to become the most commercially successful tenor of all time.

The artfully-crafted Limited Edition Pavarotti Pen

The artfully-crafted Limited Edition Pavarotti Pen

Pavarotti enjoyed a long, prosperous and satisfying career. Like Pavarotti’s style, his career and ability were unparalleled. The five gold-plated rings on the cap symbolize the five operas which propelled Pavarotti into international stardom: “Turandot,” “La Bohème,” “Rigoletto,” “Un ballo in maschera,” and “L ʾelisir dʾamore.” The fine engravings on the cap’s ring transport us back to Italy’s “Teatro Comunale Luciano Pavarotti.” Similar to Pavarotti’s unique and incredible sound and lifestyle, this pen is a remarkable achievement from a standout brand.

To purchase your own Limited Edition Pavarotti pen, visit

Executive Essentials Launches New Website – April 2015

Press Release


Executive Essentials is thrilled to announce the launch of our new website, We specialize in fine writing instruments that run the gamut from cool and funky Retro 51 rollerball pens to unique, luxury Limited Edition pens from Montblanc, Lamy, Delta, and Montegrappa. We also pride ourselves on being a refill destination, offering a wide variety of pen and agenda refills. Pen refills include ballpoint and rollerball refills as well as converters, bottled ink and cartridges for fountain pens. Additionally, many of our products can be personalized. Pens can be engraved while wallets and leather goods have a monogram option. This allows you to create a unique item for yourself or a thoughtful gift.

The new design was specifically created to provide a better browsing experience for the consumer. The brighter colors and fresh layout make it easier than ever to search and navigate the site. Every page highlights important brands and categories such as ballpoint pens or briefcases, and offers an expansive drop down menu. Filtering options on brand and category pages help narrow down your search for the perfect pen, tech accessory or umbrella. A search bar is also located at the top of every page.

The layout of the item pages is neat and organized, maintaining our high standards and attention to detail. You can easily view the details of any item by simply hovering over the image to zoom. Extensive product descriptions depict details and functions of every item, and customer reviews and ratings are found on each product page. To help narrow down a lengthy pen ink refill search, we list every pen with its available refill complete with images and color options.

Possibly the most valuable of the upgrades is the responsive web design. This technology allows the site to scale its pages to properly fit the viewing device. Customers can now easily browse and navigate Executive Essentials on their mobile devices such as tablets and smart phones. The responsive design ensures a practical and pleasant viewing experience.

Executive Essentials was established in 1990 with a retail store in Schaumburg, Illinois, and an online business followed in 1999. We are proud to offer an extensive selection of fine writing instruments, desk accessories, wallets, laptop cases and agendas. With a desire to offer the best customer service and products available, business professionals and pen enthusiasts will find name brand items available at competitive prices. We are proud to be an authorized dealer of many quality pen brands such as Cross, Waterman, Parker and Montblanc.

The launch of our new site provides the customer with an unparalleled assortment of interesting, unique and specially selected products. Our family owned and operated business is proud of the redesigned, customer friendly site that fits our values of offering optimal selection, quality, value and superior customer service.


Give a Ferrari (Pen) for Graduation

Ferrari by Sheaffer Pens

Sheaffer and Scuderia Ferrari present the official licensed Ferrari pens.

The perfect gift is hard to find. It’s more rare than true love, but once you find it, whomever you give it to will never let it go. With the advent of the internet, you would think that finding the perfect gift would be easier.  There are millions of gift ideas out there in the ether just waiting for a credit card. Blog posts with information helping you find the right gift for the right person.  So why is it December 19th and many people still have shopping to do? Because, matching gifts to the personality of your receiver isn’t a product of science. You can’t use a formula to arrive at your answer. And, it can’t be accomplished by exhaustively searching the internet sales. It comes from inspiration and from reading blog posts like the one you are on right now.

Obviously, we at Executive Essentials, feel our online catalog of fine pens is the pot at the end of the rainbow when it comes to gift ideas. Pens have personalities and it’s up to you to find one that matches that special someone on your list. Although we will list a number of great pens over the next few days, we especially are excited about offering you the opportunity to give your friends and family something that will bring a smile to their face. This year, give them a Ferrari!

The Ferrari car, created by Italian engineer Enzo Ferrari in 1929, is a symbol of wealth and luxury. It is a culmination of speed, engineering, science and inspiration. Since the birth of this gorgeous vehicle, people have held it to a higher standard and sought it out, hoping that the prestige within the car would somehow rub off on them. And, it often does. As road cars they turn heads whether on the highway or city streets and as race cars they have proven to be winners with an excellent history and track record.

Purchasing a real Ferrari car might be a little out of your price range, but purchasing one of the new Ferrari Pens by Sheaffer is possibly right within what you are willing to pay. Sheaffer and Scuderia Ferrari present the official licensed Ferrari pens. These pens embody values and characteristics synonymous with that of the Ferrari cars throughout history. The Ferrari pen collection features passion and identifiable designs combined with the high quality craftsmanship for which Sheaffer is known. The stainless steel Sheaffer nib on the fountain pen is beautifully styled, laying down a bold, wet line of ink. The red color of the barrel and cap is the same color that made Ferrari so successful and recognizable. To round out the pen, Ferrari has allowed the use of their emblem, which rests on the cap. A superb looking pen made by skilled craftsmen.

Take a look at these Sheaffer pens and more at the Executive Essentials Catalog and have a great holiday season.